5 settembre 2012

Red sweet peppers filled with bread

As promised to Susan one year ago, I used this recipe coming to me straight from my granny Lidia from Apulia. 

That’s what you need: 

Red rounded sweet peppers
Dark olives 
Salted capers
Extra virgin olive oil 

Now, cut the bread and keep only the crumble (you can use the crust for another recipe). 

Make the crumble in little pieces, about 1 cm and leave it in a bowl to get dry.

In the meanwhile wash and dry the peppers, cut the upper side with a knife

dry and take the seeds off and the white part off with a coffee spoon

Once the crumble is crusty (it takes about an hour) you can cut the capers and the olives 

Also add cutted garlic and oregano. You really do not need salt, there's enough (or too much) with the capers!! Mix all the ingredients, add some oil and keep on mixing

Also Fill the empty peppers with the bread and add some oil into each one. Put them on a baking tin with oil and, if you like, add white wine (my granny didn't use it...).
Add also a piece of garlic into the oil and the wine. If you don't want to use the wine you will add some water. Put the baking tin in a hot oven for about 50 minutes. The oven temperature should be about 180/200°C.

After about 25 minutes take the oil and water (or oil and wine) off the baking tin with a spoon and use it to get peppers wet

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