5 aprile 2012


This is the classical recipe

Ingredients for 4 people
Spaghetti 320gr (350 if you like Italian cooking)
Smoked ham or bacon 150gr
3 eggs
grated pecorino (or parmigiano) cheese
extravirgin olive oil

Put the water into a pot to boil, in the meanwhile open the eggs into a big bowl and mix them up with a fork, add salt and pepper.

Put the oil onto a pan and put it on the fire, when the oil is hot add the bacon cutted in cubes, turn off the fire after some minutes

When the water is going to boil put some salt into the water and then when it boils again, the pasta, follow the instruction on the package (the pasta should cook for about 10 minutes, it depends on the brand)  

Drain the pasta, and immediately put it into the pan with the oil and the bacon, and again immediately put the mixed eggs on.

The eggs have to cook only with the pasta  warmth, no fire needed (well if you don't like raw eggs it you can turn on again the fire for a while...)

Shake the pasta to make the eggs wrap the pasta, and add the  pecorino cheese and add some pepper, if you like.

Buon appetito!

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