17 marzo 2012

Linguine (or spaghetti) with lemon taste

This is for all my English speaking friends

Linguine  (or spaghetti if you don't find linguine) al limone, simple and tasty, and fresh, also!

Ingredients for 4 persons:
linguine 380gr
1 lemon no treatment on surface
some parcley
scraped parmigiano cheese 
olive extravirgin oil 5 or 6 spoons

Put the oil onto a pot and scratch the lemon peel on the oil, ten cut the parcley and put it into the same pot.
Boil the water to cook the linguine and when they are ready train them and put all the linguine into the pot.
Add 3 spoons of parmigiano cheese (or more if you prefer)

Unfortunately... Once the pasta was inside I didn't have the time to take the picture... Pasta already gone

Buon appetito

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