27 marzo 2012


This is my Grandma Lidia's Recipe.. "simple" handmade no-eggs pasta, you can garnish it with tomato sauce or put it in a soup. This once we ate it with a "broccoli sauce". The original Accadia (click here to see where Accadia is) name is "R' Pzzott' " (the "Pzzott' " almost literally "the bits") a little hard to tell 

Ingredients (six people)

500 grams flour
250 cl water
extravirgin olive oil
two garlic clove (segments)
1 broccolo
salt (just a little bit)
thyme or oregano
Just some cooking water spoon

Melt water and flour in a bowl until it gets to be a soft ball,

then lay it (must be about 1mm density) on a flat floured plan. Cut it in little lozenges

and put them in a well floured tray, not to get them stuck together

They must remain separated.

Start to cook  the garnishing. Put garlic sections and oil on fire, cut broccolo in little pieces and put in the "soffritto" pan, together with oil and garlic. Let it cook adding some water

Make water boil in a pot, (about five litres per kilo) with a little salt and put the pasta in the boiling water for about 6 minutes 

While  water boils, save some of it in a cup . Drain pasta when ready and put it in the pan together with soffritto and broccoli. If garnishing's too  "hard", add the water you've saved from the pot.

Serve it and ... good appetite

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